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George Kassa


About KingGeorge

George ‘KingGeorge’ Kassa is an American streamer and former professional gamer. He was a member of Rogue until he retired in 2018.

Kassa started playing Tom Clancey’s Rainbow Six Siege and developed great skill in it. It wasn’t long before he started playing professionally in 2016. Throughout this time he was a member of several teams. He started out at Got em Gaming, later ending up at Continuum. While there, he achieved first place in the Rainbow Six Invitational tournament in 2017 - one of the most prestigious tournaments for the game. He later ended up at Rogue before retiring from professional Rainbow Six Siege in 2018. He made the decision so that he could focus on his Twitch live streaming career where he currently has over 650,000 followers. He has since made the odd appearance to compete in Twitch Rivals competitions. Throughout his time as a professional, he performed strongly in his matches, taking several first places and many top 5 results. KingGeorge still routinely broadcasts his Rainbow Six gameplay despite no longer playing professionally.

As a former professional in a first-person shooter game, Kassa is looking forward to Valorant, where there are several similarities between itself and Rainbow Six Siege. When he played Rainbow Six, many people looked to copy his settings due to his professional playing level. This is likely to be mirrored in Valorant by his loyal fans.

KingGeorge Mouse Settings





Scoped Sensitivity

Window Sensitivity

KingGeorge Valorant Keybinds




Equip Primary Weapon

Equip Secondary Weapon

Equip Melee Weapon

Equip Spike

Use Object

Ability 1

Ability 2

Ability 3

Ultimate Ability

Toggle Zoom

Aim Down Sight

Sniper Rifle Aim

Operator Zoom

Auto Re-Enter Scope


Next Weapon

Previous Weapon

Drop Equipped Item

Drop Last Item

Inspect Weapon

Use Spray

KingGeorge Valorant Crosshair



Center Dot

Inner Lines

Outer Lines

Movement / Firing Error

KingGeorge Video Settings

Display Mode


Frame Rate Limit

KingGeorge Graphic Quality

Material Quality

Texture Quality

Detail Quality

UI Quality



Display FPS


Anisotropic Filtering

Improve Clarity

Enhanced Gun Skin Visuals


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